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  • Laziness is a comedy in which we can all play a part, a veritable field of sunblown flowers where the unruly colors of the universe dance with the wind.

  • The legends of paradise teach us to curse work, reminding us that laziness is the essential goal of humanity.

  • Laziness is the source of all virtue.

  • Work inhibits the noble passions of humanity.

  • Laziness is the mother of passion, a veritable bed of lust.

  • Many waters cannot quench our thirst for laziness, nor floods drown it.

  • Creativity constrains the return of work; be creative and put severe constraints on work.

  • For Oblomov, there was the world of work and boredom, and the world of rest and enjoyment. We need more works that display such love of idleness.

  • The only place to contemplate the wisdom of humanity is on the throne of laziness.

  • Put your best efforts into laziness and prepare for the coming inaction.

  • Laziness is the religion of the XXIst Century.

  • Inhibit, as best you can, the vice of work.

  • The tragedy is that those who do work, work so much they are no longer human.

  • The seeds of universal solidarity are found in the process of taking time back from work.

  • For the Greeks, to work is to be enslaved by necessity.

  • Work dies on the comfy pillory of laziness, putting a momentary end to the system that sublimates sex with work.

  • Laziness is my food, love my wine.

  • Laziness and hedonism prevail over productivism and puritanism.

  • Freedom begins where work ends.

from "Aphorisms Against Work"

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