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Nancy Today

Removed the warp of five placemats to give to Lorna (exchange for her loom)

Removed the warp of five placemats to give to Lorna
I loosened the warp and cut off the placemats, leaving the warp ends to hang through the heddles to the front. I released the brake on the front beam and rolled up the five mats. I'm so pleased! I'll go to Carp and deliver them to Lorna on Monday if possible! I'm so happy that I did her placemats.

It's wonderful to weave. I'm sorry that I have no warp to weave on now, though. I'll have to come up with another idea for what to weave now, though.

Perhaps Mary D. will show me how to read a heritage weaving pattern. I'd like to make something like my mexican blanket pattern, only on a smaller scale. I guess I should start with a narrow warp so I can learn how to do this before I get into something way too big for myself.

I'll see if there are explanations on youtube or the internet.
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