Ray (incendiary_eve) wrote in woolgatherers,

"The Wyoming Routine"

Have you ever been to Wyoming? Ever met anyone from there, or seen a license plate on a car from there? I don’t believe in Wyoming. Who’d want to believe in a place where the guns out-number the people! Yes, hypothetically it could kill itself—if it did exist—and have weapons left over. Imagine if Wyoming—of course imagine goes without saying—had nuclear armaments. It’s not as strange as a Chinaman’s statue of a lion he’s never seen … but it does give you a shiver. Only, not me; the only thing that scares me is reality, that’s why I do what I can to avoid it, filter it, or keep it out. The best way to avoid something all around you is distraction. I’ve never paid full attention to anything in my life, but when you can’t make your mind change the subject from what’s in front of you you’ve got two options: stop thinking altogether or focus on the TV screen (it might be one choice in a way). If you told a man a century ago we lived vicariously through a glowing box, he’d lock you up where you couldn’t get out, out of sight where people make up crazy things like Wyoming. Even Plato would think you were a Neanderthal. But, I’ve got my cave, and they’ll have to drag me out. Just let them try to get in.
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