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hello there, i have been watching this community for a while or so ~ and at last one of you posted, this has got to be one of the laziest communities i have seen thus far :D
ahhh, i feel right at home now.
i am an artist and live in the country. i dont do anything i dont have to. it is my motto now, i used to do too much the first 1/3 of my life ~ the old 'burned the acetylene torch at both ends' thing...
one of my quests lately is actually an experiment. i have actually achieved it briefly two summers ago....or was it three? well a bit ago. that is to disengage in activities enough for a length of existance and watch time literally stop. this may sound ludicrous. but then again it may make perfect sense.....well, i swear i experienced it. have any of you experienced time stopping? or have i gone over the edge? :P
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